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Armenia, An Ancient Civilization Shielding Against Pan-turkism

"For many Armenians, today’s reality of ethnic hate and war crimes is a haunting reminder of the past, a second attempt at the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Turkey's involvement in this current war not only included a dark and long history of genocide against the Armenian people during the first World War, but in addition, a geopolitical, economic, and ethnic agenda of Pan-Turkism, the desire to unify all Turkish-speaking nations for the recreation of the Ottoman Empire."

On September 27th, Armenians in their homelands and millions more across the diaspora woke up to the terrorizing news of once again being under attack, this time by the Turkish backed Azeri forces seeking to regain control of the indigenous Armenian region of Artsakh, also known as Nargorno-Karabagh. Azerbaijan, in violation of international law, broke the 1994 ceasefire agreement which had frozen the decades long heated conflict over land rights of the ethnic Armenian region. As a result of Joseph Stalin’s unilateral vote of Soviet division of land in 1921, under the Caucasian Bureau of the Russian Communist Party, Artsakh, the region between Armenia and Azerbaijan, inhabited by over 95% indigenous Armenians for thousands of years, was to be administered by Azerbaijan.

Written by Mané Andreasyan
Photographed by Harout Barsoumian


We don’t have to become one more generation to fall in the trap of mass misinformation and disinterest for the well-being of those different from us. There is still time to use the technological advancements of our century to put an end, once and for all, to some of the most horrific practices we’ve seen throughout human history.

Written by Mirna Wabi-Sabi

Read it at Enemy of the Queen


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