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Survey of solid waste at the João Mendes Eco-barrier

Read the article 'Eco-barriers and restoring balance between species on the planet' here.

Eco-barriers are barriers at the mouth, or outflow point, of rivers in megacities.

–microtrash is registered as a separate category, and means a mixture of small waste such as cigarette butts, microtubes of narcotics, fragmented Styrofoam, other plastics and plant parts that are entangled by this waste.

–tetra pack is also recorded separately, as they are those packages with a mixed composition of metal, paper and plastic, often used for products such as milk, juice and tomato sauce.

- There are other identified materials, but not individually categorized, such as occasional toys, electronic waste, light bulbs, tires, mattresses, etc.

– While the unidentified waste are the closed bags found at the barrier that are not opened because they may contain materials that pose a risk to the health of volunteers – such as syringes, blades, diapers, condoms, used toilet paper, etc.

"The amount of solid waste (garbage) that has been thrown into the João Mendes river weekly (about 250 kg) also contributes significantly to the pollution of the João Mendes river, showing still precarious sanitation conditions."

Volume or Pluviometric Index is measured by millimeter of rain per square meter in a certain place and period.

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